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  • proxy voting for nri, proxy voting for NRIs, no online voting nris should be present physically with passport and cast vote election commission, Passport

    No Online Voting, NRIs Should Be Present Physically with Passport and Cast Vote: Election Commission 2019-03-13 06:07:05

    As General Elections 2019 in India is imminent, the Chief Electoral Officer of Goa has asked the police to investigate misinformation regarding online voting of Non-Resident Indians being forwarded on social media platforms. Elections for Goa's two Lok Sabha seats, with 11.31...

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    fake news nri online voting, nris voting rights. Eci nri, election commission asks police to investigate fake news on nri voting rights, Passport

    Election Commission Asks Police To Investigate ‘Fake News’ On NRI Voting Rights 2019-02-23 04:49:45

    Election Commission of India has filed a complaint with the  Delhi Police on Friday asking it to investigate “fake news” about online voting rights to Non-Resident Indians in the upcoming Lok Sabha election. In the Police complaint Election Commission stated, “I...

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    banned places in the world, places in india not allowed to visit, 5 places in india where indians are banned from entering, Passport

    5 Places in India Where Indians Are Banned from Entering 2019-02-28 12:00:54

    In what may be a source of consternation for you to know there are quite a lot of places in India where Indians have been treated as inferior or kept within bounds, or their entry is prohibited. Even more unexpected...

    Keywords: indian passport banned countries, places in india not allowed to visit, Indians banned in India, kasol cafe indian not allowed

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    lok sabha elections, lok sabha elections, candidates offering free air ticket to nris for casting vote will face disqualification election commission, Passport

    Candidates Offering Free Air Ticket to NRIs for Casting Vote Will Face Disqualification: Election Commission 2019-03-18 10:22:21

    Ahead of Lok Sabha elections in India, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is issuing stringent mandates to steer clear of anything below the belt. Similarly, any candidate canvassing for votes overseas found luring Non-Resident Indian (NRI) voters with a...

    Keywords: online voting for NRIs, Election Commission of India, Free Air Ticket to NRIs to cast vote, Free Air Ticket to NRIs

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    lok sabha elections, overseas voters, lok sabha elections 2019 92 of india s overseas registered voters are keralites, Passport

    Lok Sabha Elections 2019: 92% of India’s Overseas Registered Voters Are Keralites 2019-03-14 10:27:41

    Amid confusion over NRI voting in India’s Lok Sabha elections that are scheduled to take place next month, 92 percent of Kerala descents staying overseas registered themselves as NRI voters, making it literal that Malayali’s are obsessed with politics and...

    Keywords: overseas voters, overseas voter registration, overseas voter registration, overseas voter registration

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    Sini mathews murder, sherin mathews mother, sherin mathews foster mother sini mathews gets her passport back, Passport

    Sherin Mathews’ Foster Mother Sini Mathews Gets Her Passport Back 2019-03-11 04:45:11

    Nearly a week after charges against Indian American Sini Mathews, foster mother of Sherin Mathews was dropped, she received her passport back. Sini Mathews was charged in connection with the tragic death of her 3-year-old adopted daughter Sherin Mathews, whose...

    Keywords: Sherin Mathews parents, latest news about sherin mathews, sherin mathews parents, Sherin Mathews parents

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